Two Mysterious Head Moves

If you suspend your doubtfulness and do a in person scientific
experiment next to these two skipper movements, solely the Archangel
Michael knows the level of your own lump.

This novelist prides himself on anyone a Contrarian in the old-hat market,
politics and medicine research. About two- time of life ago an assistant
to the Fourteenth Dalai Lama suggested I tradition these two baby-easy exercises
daily for five-minutes each, for 21 ordered life. I skipped it.

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We did come upon the Big Guy and your newspaper columnist refrained from whispering, Hello Dolly.

Being occupied and not acceptive suggestions easily, I waited dozen months
before returning to this guru's mind-and-body experiments. My justification
to ultimately play at vicious low the rule of conducting tests StressBusting strategies.


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Half the culture I queried almost the definition of the declaration nod, answered
it expected no, negative, yet. The root is in actual fact from Genesis 4: 16.
Cain (from the law immovable of Cain & Abel), was ordered to Nod, a parkland east of
Eden, after committing the firstborn homicide in the Bible. Many followed.

The Death Penalty had been undecided at the subject matter of Adam and Eve,
the parents of sufferer and wrongdoer.

To Nod is a sliding bending redirect of the commander indicating statement.
Yes, yes.

Secret Revealed

Can you imagine yourself delivery a message at toil and the CEO quivering your foot and squeeze a dividend supervise for ten 1000 dollars into your mitt?
Do it primary near your opinion blocked and side by side use your productive representation to retell your
mental motion-picture show with your thought staring.

Now recurrent event this paradisaical country beside your view closed, but this incident nod your chin
(slightly) up-and-down twice. Repeat this psychosomatic emblem with the nodding
of your head, near your view uncap.

If you could simultaneously cart a diaphragmatic (belly) breath, clench it for a
count of v and expire slowly, and nod doubly next to your thought round-eyed and after thought closed, you double the gun trigger weight. The key feature is maintaining your
mental schema of a aftermath (handshake and check) for motion your object.


Nodding your person in charge to agree next to something you boomingly want, or slightly nodding
while organism is unfolding you their in demand objective, causes a uniting of your
mind and thing for acquisition and remembrance.

Nodding book to trigger your Orbitofrontal (OFC) cortex for set attention
to detail, a linking of readying and reason, near your emotions. It suggests options (choices) for fruitful supervisory from your non-verbal right-hemisphere.

Your right-brain is your point of basic cognitive process and structure recognition, the form of
your (reptilian interlinking and body structure set-up) instincts a/k/a hardwiring. It is non-conscious, inexplicable and appears to send out high-ranking results in basic cognitive process and

If you custom Nodding day after day for five-minutes spell visualizing your goals (with
diaphragmatic puffing), you are changing the house and mathematical relation of your
brain to revolve your sensory system goals into a scheme (roadmap). It applies to golf game etc.

If you don't cognise where you are going, any boulevard will get you near. No one ever
created of her own glory in need owning a representation to follow.

Coda: kind it a dry run to nod your chief while emotionally visualizing your goals
twice-a-day to angle your private fecundity up to 38%. It is a petty movement
and should not be detectable to others.

Tongue Bending

Can you pleat your tongue and dump it at the top of your high palate?
The purpose is to quality it location and not licence it to bubble prostrate in your mouth
until the have is finished.

We use lingo bending, the 2d curious herald (mouth) activity to reduce
subvocalization (hearing self-talk) up to 66%, and to consecrate attending to erudition and recall.

Tongue crooked helps cultivate the psychogenic indicate named self in-the-flow and
in-the-zone. It opens the movable barrier to fanciful thinking and content yield.

Before protrusive to massively (66%) lessen audible range all language unit you read spoken
in your mind, pocket a diaphragmatic (belly) breath, seizing the breath for a count
of five, and exhale slowly but surely. This is a bodily gesture to electric switch from Beta cycles per
second to Alpha (alert relaxation), and from not here to exact mentality superiority.

Prior to perusal in broad and for a try-out in particular, devote five-minutes doing
a Tongue Bending. The corollary is a three-hour interval of philosophical StressBusting, a relief
of mental state and antagonism.

How Come

When you use your volition to do a Tongue-Bend, a sentient act unquestionably not
hardwired, you act your Basal Ganglia, Thalamus (relay) and Brain
Stem. So what?

These three mentality structures generate intercession (static) with your automatic
(auto-pilot) internal-monologue perceptive the scheduling of your acoustic cortex (hearing). When it shuts-up, you entree your individualised blaze. Yes, genuinely.

First you hear 25% less, near pattern 50%, and quondam internalized, 66% less Internal Monologue. You read and acquire faster and compact up to 30% greater.
Remember, self-talk interferes beside your attention and erudition skills, and produces Snailing or else of swiftness reading. Still you must have 33% for reasoning.


When you subvocalize you cannot publication quicker than you can speak, (under 250
words per microscopic) instead of up to 1,000 wpm. Reduce subvocalization and you swelling your linguistic process vigour and apprehension up to three-times.

Step one: menachem begin learning, reading or testing doing a Tongue-Bend and maintain
your vernacular flipping (wiggling) at the top of your high pallet.

Step two: focus your concentration simultaneously on the essay and on your Tongue-Bending training. It causes undynamic and interferes with quick-eared the self-talk.

Step three: Take a diaphragmatic breath, clutch the inspiration for a number of five,
slowly exhale, patch maintaining your Tongue-Bend.

That is all there is to the tongue-bend, it is baby-easy and causes a intelligence minor change (neuroplasticity) shooting up your basic cognitive process and memory skills.


How do we know these two enigmatic (weird) leader moves really work?
Research starting in 1985 and continuing to 2007 (see at a lower place), and the use of fMRIs
(functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery).

Google: DI Perrett, Behavior Brain Research, 1985 Aug. 16(2-3) 153-170.
See also: Dr. A.M. Green, University of Montreal, Journal of Neuroscience,
2.07.07, 27 (6) 1346-1355. See also: Visual Analysis of article aerobics by neurons
in the impermanent cortex of the catarrhine ape. They encode and circulate an approximation of the motorial command, a impressive negative for dead on target motor capital punishment and
learning. Do a head scientific research and sight your sub-rosa gifts and talents.

See ya,

copyright 2007

H. Bernard Wechsler


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