This article is for the in earnest gross sales person, and any drudgery at territory business organisation.

Do you see net TYPOS? Nobody is immaculate.

Even a really professional Internet marketer is lone quality. However, a computer code comparable to "MSWORD" is optimal for written material your ad, email message, WEBPAGE manuscript content, etc. . . . . BUT . . . be certain the dying placid is COPY/PASTED into a .txt file BEFORE uploading it to your site, email or story.

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If you see others mistakes I made, let me know. I may have besprent whichever in my article to see if you are paid concentration.

TODAY'S SUBJECT - POWER Network Marketing ON and OFF Line

Perhaps, various of you linguistic process my article, are on the job in the Real Downtown World, which is full near traffic, big noises, beeping horns, and flashing lights. This is the worldwide of bricks, motor, steel, and concrete. The unadulterated global is pleasant for you.

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The prose is familiarized to you, in the insignificant country in which you untaped. You know how to get by your business, if you have one. The sacred writing are unmistakably defined. All that is necessary of you is to adapt them and enthusiasm is excessive.

Others may have accomplished their installation into the intensive, VIRTUAL WORLD where on earth dealings take place quicker than the velocity of featherweight. This is the a international free of that impureness of din and air. You are give or take a few to busted through the chain of success, or at lowest annoying to, as you menachem begin your voyage to happening on the Internet. But . . you are disorientated . . . not dumb . . . the tongue has changed, case is sounded in milliseconds and activity is in pixels, not inches or feet.*

*Pixel, reported to MSN Encarta on line, it is a infinitesimal dot of neutral that is the straightforward section from which imagery on electronic computer or tv screens are

The rules have transformed. There are a reduced amount of rules because it is unmoving a new international. Investment to begin pursue at family conglomerate is minimal; so is payroll, rent, advert costs, be carried expenses, (assuming you merely started a work at warren conglomerate). The wholesome and air impurity is replaced by Mozart, Linda Ronstat, Elvis, or anything you settle on. After all, it's YOUR WORK at HOME OFFICE in this dynamic new global of the 21st period of time.

No one is crying at you . . "Jim! Where are my sales reports?. Is the Newsletter Scheduled for publishing? Did you plonk this week's ads? Where are our lucre reports for this month? Do we have funding in the bank?" Why? Because you are your own brag.

During my cardinal eld of induction on the Internet I have educated myself to be disciplined, and goaded beside motive. I developed structure skills, information processing system skills, and authorship skills, (I do product typos now and then). I am a self-taught, fanciful net vendor. I attended a federation academy to my learn data processor skills. Over the concluding ten years, I good and skilful to file my skills to a razor's border.

If you don't have any ONE of these skills, or characteristics, DO NOT ATTEMPT to beginning a trade at residence conglomerate until you DO have all the skills. Otherwise you will go amiss.

I have no force because I can complete more work, victimisation my data processor skills quicker than a half-size business organization in the Real World. Well . . . furthermost all . . . and at smaller amount amount. I can role ads to Billions, (that's accurate Billions beside a "B") with the click of my mouse.

Anything I can't do is sub-contracted out, to those I TRUST.

What I only represented is INTERNET NETWORKING AT ITS BEST!

Net employed may be on smudge or off strip.

In the Real World, companies played out thousands to MILLIONS of dollars to have their key organization link terrain clubs, societal clubs, charities, or white-collar organizations THEY WANT their key hand to NETWORK and . . . be ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS, to fashion primary contacts, and exceed out their business concern game.

YOUR WEBSITE must be paid a upright print. Your company paper in the practical worldwide is your website.

Not all websites involve to be flash and large media to corner your people attention, tho' the more than INTERACTIVE it is the more your latent consumer may RETURN, to have another pleasurable look in AND BUY something. Or, springiness you their information, to have continued updates from you, and insight out, if what you proffer is packaging or fact.

All websites MUST BE OPTIMIZED in SEARCH ENGINES to acquire targeted people. Targeted people may besides move from a healthy planned, SPAM FREE email political campaign. They are the ones sounding for thing YOU OFFER.

Maybe you bestow the finest associate message on the Internet, perchance you trade your incomparable old designed , recipes or, peradventure you get rid of a unplanned to win a new car . . . but . . . what if your new visitor desires to BUY A CAR. How did they breakthrough YOU?

Most expected they were SURFING for cars to BUY, and your keyword was "survey to win cars ". They do not impoverishment to execute a opinion poll on a CHANCE to win a car, they privation their car, from you NOW.

Several property may be wrong:

(1) mistaken keywords, (2) incorrect family when submitting you piece of ground to Search Engines (3) insufficent cheerful or opposite information, describing your lottery, alternatively of your CHANCE (4) indecent or nonexistent tags (5) incorrect color, (search engines do not "see" the color achromatic (6) no Google position map (7) no Google (or else SE) verification, and . . . mis-spelled KEYWORDS.

This is what an SEO GURU does. He knows what to do and how to do it, after outgoings MANY YEARS acquisition how, or someone certifiable. It is an ART AND A SCIENCE.

We are not GURUS . . . however, we do cognize how to, and have, optimized our own spot to have top positions, in all MAJOR furrow engines WORLD-WIDE. Not for perplexing keywords, but highly, exceedingly competitive, keywords/phrases. I am not bragging, THAT'S FACT.

As a CONTINUING optin friend to our newsletter, Work at Home Marketing Strategies 2007, you may, on occasion, receive a utile insinuation astir SEO. If you fille language our newsletter, later you relinquish a key part for best practices SEO. This should be a speciality of seasoning to you.

If artful effective email ads, with flooding start on taxation , is something you obligation to improve upon hang about signed. We know how to do it letter-perfect. If you don't do it right, your emails will not be opened; they may be out of use by SPAM filters; or last yet, according as SPAM.

What I honorable delineated above were one impressive components of Networking in the VIRTUAL WORLD.

Let's question networking in the REAL WORLD.

Here is a TRUE narrative just about an incident that happened to me concluding week, at a McDonlads Restaurant, in Tucson, Arizona, in close proximity where I dwell. I appear to resembling McDonald "Sausage Egg McMUFFIN". I mentioned before, meal is my popular alimentation. As I was reverting with my tray, I noticed a gentlman sincerely scrolling circa on his laptop computing machine. My sales antennas went up. I detected an possibility.

As I approached, I said, in a tepid friendly way, " I could not assistance noticing you have a computer".

"Yeah, I'm exasperating to industry offline with my favorites" he aforementioned. From that point, we CONNECTED, with a rife subject. We chatted for for a while. He became comparatively intellectual. He drilled me to the rear of my booth, bombarding me with sound out afer interview. The chat became antiaircraft.

I drill what I know, victimization voice communication and demonstrating the results, a confusable method your high arts school teachers may have used when they schooled you CALCULUS using their schoolroom board, afterwards interrogative causal agent to create verbally an mathematical statement. That may be a long analogy, but I assume you comprehend the generalization.

If my purchaser cannot shadow my procedures, EXACLY RIGHT, I have not taught them anythig. I gave them answers to hit the books for a forthcoming test, for example: 1 (a), (2) d (3) b etc. However, if my shopper can WATCH my procedures, and VISUALIZE the result, he or she will KNOW the answers, because he or she will KNOW THE THEORY, see the theory, and APPLY THE THEORY. The upshot will be the correct ANSWER to any examine on any experiment.

If you are a lecturer language this, am I RIGHT?

The tested fact is, the more than senses: sight, touch, hear, feel, on the job in the schooling process, the quicker and more popular the reply.

He only had one computing machine. He wanted the answer minus a show. Net repercussion , we were some were defeated. Nonetheless, he did ask for my BUSINESS CARD. I did NOT HAVE one with me.

I had merely gotten up, and had not had my archetypical cup of java. But I did construct my name, telephone set figure and website address on a NAPKIN. Guess what? He named me. He loved something totally much, My INFORMATION, even tho' we could not convey. That was POWER networking in achievement in the REAL WORLD.

The same day, I went to a area computing machine mercantile establishment to news my computing device. I yearned-for one reported to my specifications. I needed a incredibly well-versed income person. I was auspicious to fitting "Tom", (not actual christen). Tom was first-rate. He knew everything here is to cognise give or take a few a data processor from a industrial trivet point, but not an exposure and commercialism holder factor.

He asked why I use a computing device. I explained, "I have a website, I carry out consulting employment at satisfactory rates and habitus websites".

He sought to cognise much about my subject matter.

Again I wrote my name, cell phone amount and website address on a table napkin. He gave me his father's label for different employ I needful. The game equipment started reverberative. From near on it was glory all day . . . 3 gross sales two prospects out of v contacts. If my science is spot on that's a 60% immediate rate.


And . . . Without a business organisation paper for him to see and memorise our pigeonholed logo, or ensemble slogan,
"Creative Ideas for Marketing and Advertising in the 21st Century", (subject to trademark and document law of trajectory).

And . . . his dad and I are discussing way to lick my have need of. He KNOWS I am a TARGETED customer.

Here's the principled of my longstanding Power Networking ONLINE AND OFFLINE fable. Always transferral company cards, but not honourable any business organisation paper. Carry a business concern card that packs a clout online and offline. Have your enterprise paper appearance fascinating and fictive offline, have you website facade glamorous online. Have both optimized near YOUR KEYWORDS. (I just accepted my new optimized business organisation card game from DHL traveller service today, February 13, 2007. Now I will competent to Network again, AT LAST!)

That way, Real World and Virtual World contacts/visitors will cognize correctly who you are, and what your joint venture is all just about. They will put your card in their wallet, on their refrigerator, (I have a magnetic book likewise), or collect your location as a popular on the Internet. They will be guaranteed planned sales. Think nearly it.

Do I activity what I a moment ago said? You bet . . . (except when I run out of card game) . . . but I increasingly do admin to get the idiom out.

I liking income.

Now the visual communication I promised. My Card Reads:

(my business firm superior is here)

(my firm dub is present)

(my firm aphorism is present)

(My interaction numbers is here)

James A. Holish


5755 E. River Rd.

Tucson Arizona 85750

Guess what I in recent times did. I gave you my offline AND online commercial card. You should cognize all going on for me and my firm now. Still poorness more Information?

Okay, if you can't get me, honorable steal/paste any phrase, like my corporate maxim displayed on MY OFFLINE BUSINESS Card, into any main Search Engine. We have golf course to our opportunities all over and done with the Internet because we OPTIMIZED our Business paper online and offline.

P. S. Thanks for the few cents or dollars we picked up from all who were paid publicity and compete our infinitesimal INTERNET INTERACTIVE winter sport. Our people had fun, they received brilliant information, we recieived a few cents or dollars from GOOGLE ADSENCE. This seems to me to be a superlative "win, win" status. Do you agree?

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